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Elevate Your Mind®

Enter the WeedVerse®

Cannabis begins to reveal its natural biologic enhancements, and now enters the WeedVerse®

Everything you know in your reality is based on a model design of at least one type or another. 
Your biology, thoughts, language, social structures, personal relationships, everything.
Here we explore the DNA of cannabis and how it interacts with your DNA in your world.
Your well-being, thoughts, looks, feelings, interactions with self and others, and life, expressed through art.


It's a long journey and we will need to do some preparation first, so everyone can enjoy at the same time.

You need to learn some important stuff that's complex, but won't be for you.

It's understandable to anyone - you will not need a lab coat and a science degree!

Throughout this journey many of the mysteries of cannabis will be decoded and revealed to you.

Click below to browse, learn and begin your journey in the WeedVerse®.

Enter the WeedVerse®
We Love Living the WeedVerse® with CryptoWeed® NFT and merch

We Love Living the WeedVerse!

Elevate Your Mind®

Enter the WeedVerse®

Enter the WeedVerse®
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