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About CryptoWeed® CryptoBuds® and the WeedVerse® family

CryptoWeed® along with its affiliated names is our brand family which we started using in the summer of 2021 to describe the general theme of our art series.  CryptoWeed® has a specific meaning and is defined by us.

Specifically, CryptoWeed® is art delivered via NFT (non-fungible token) depicting the interaction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and life in a variety of perspectives.  The Terms for the NFTs can be found here. In the series we will explore this interaction and create unique artistic introspective from a variety of perspectives.


CryptoWeed® cannot be used to barter for, or purchase Cannabis sativa plant or extract products in any form, in any market, in any geography, at any point in time.


CryptoWeed® is not an endorsement or encouragement to violate any local law regarding control and consumption of cannabis sativa products or otherwise.


In some countries you may have to follow specific laws and regulations that prohibit speech about cannabis.  We respect the regulations of all geographies and request that our users follow their local and national ordinances.


Meanwhile regarding discourse of creating our art world and stimulating specific conversations therein, we will reference public data published or re-published by third parties from various sites, that may include references and links to sources from the National Institutes of Health, the National Library, educational institutional research, the USPTO, the EUIPO, Google archives related to the aforementioned sources, and other institutional and non-institutional sources, including national public relations and information distribution sites.

However no information presented here in any form, including references from third parties - is provided as an endorsement or to be medical advice or advice as a forum for technical institutional scientific discussion in any particular field of study including any - Preparation of formulations in pharmacies; Pharmaceutical services; advisory and information services relating to pharmaceutical products; production of medical cannabis, namely cultivation, refinement and processing of cannabis for medical purposes; preparation and administration of drugs; information on pharmaceutical products; information relating to medicinal products; information for patients in the field of drug dosing; advisory and information services relating to pharmaceutical products via the Internet; preparation of medicines by prescription in pharmacies; refinement of medical cannabis; dispensing of pharmaceuticals; preparation and dispensing of medicines; consulting in the field of health care; Consultations in pharmacy; Pharmaceutical consulting; Carrying out technical tests on medicinal products; development of pharmaceutical preparations and drugs; services of a medical laboratory; development of pharmaceutical products; Medical and pharmaceutical research services; services for the evaluation of the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals; evaluation of pharmaceutical products; information on medical and scientific research results on medicinal products and clinical trials; quality testing for pharmaceutical products; Biomedical research; Pharmaceutical research and development; Pharmaceutical development of drugs; Research and development of vaccines and drugs; Distribution of medical cannabis; Distribution of medical cannabis to pharmacies and doctors, in particular through an online store; procurement services related to medical cannabis; Public relations with the aim of marketing medical cannabis; Storage of medical cannabis; Packaging and shipping of medical cannabis; or any other scientific field of study not already mentioned which may or may not be subject to policy doctrines.

In the event we failed to mention any specific subcategory of information above, when there is confusion as to what is CryptoWeed®™ we ask you to defer to our definition, which is to say a family of artworks delivered via NFT (non-fungible token) depicting the interaction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and life in a variety of perspectives.

This definition may be updated in the future to reflect any regulatory or other changes.

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