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Diaveno Sporo has landed!

The Harbinger of the WeedVerse® is now able to come home with you!

Diaveno Sporo has landed!

CryptoWeed® Diaveno Sporo Headshot_edited.jpg

Diaveno Sporo is the first of the CryptoBuds® and a unique NFT because we can finally experience the WeedVerse® after Diaveno landed on Earth! 

We're presently in Generation 0 and the entire series of Generation 1 NFTs will be completely different than this character. It will take some time to build as we're going to be using your input plus algorithms to influence what the final look of those Gen1 CryptoBuds® will be!  Check back at for details when made available, or download our app. Terms of use for NFTs can be found here.

Official Wallet address for this NFT: 0x86fbd5e3ba40f3906702c1a05d13d5849b56f372 

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