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The CannaMorphs establish your own seed in the WeedVerse® which you get to influence the final metamorphisis into its humanoid form. Your influence will come from your own personal cannabis consumption with recorded analysis label data, along with your ratings post consumption. We collect this information over time and use that to influence how your evolved CannaMorph will present itself. You can begin building your database entries now, even before the TokenBlanks are minted. We recommend this approach as it will give us (and you) the largest personalized sample size and most number of options for presentation in the morphing phase.

PLEASE READ THIS SECTION FOR SOME CLARITY ON RULES You DO NOT need to participate in the CannaMorph program in order to buy CryptoWeed® NFTs. You can buy any CryptoWeed® NFT that is validly listed on any market/exchange without ever consuming cannabis. Nothing on this web site should be construed as offering medical advice of any kind. CryptoWeed® is art; Please refer to our explaination page for details. This program is directed to people who already have access to, and experience with cannabis and follow any ordiances in their geography related to cannabis consumption. You should only record session data when you can freely and safely do so, and never operate motor vehicles or dangerous equipment while impaired. You will be required to record data from the analysis label provided on the packaging of the product. Do Not 'wing it' and look up strain data on the Internet. You must use data from the label from cannabis product you intended to enter your ratings on. Accurate data is VERY IMPORTANT and we must insist that if you do not have accurate label data then do not use that product for your session recordings. You can use any cannabis product with an accurate analysis data label, Nearly every manufacturer of cannabis flower products provides some type of detailed analysis label. However all labels are not made the same. Some producers will list cannabinoid and terpene content as mg/g (milligrams per gram). While others will list it as a percentage of the packaged product's weight. Our forms are designed to take input as a percentage of the package product's weight. If your product label

This program is exclusively for WeedVerse®  members who want to customize their CryptoWeed® CryptoBuds®.


It is available to only to persons that live in a qualified state, having a legalized recreational or medical cannabis program.  

You cannot access your Stash or Session records until you sign into your member account. 


Or if you need to create an account you can do that with this link.

The CannaMorphs
are the seeds of your custom NFT

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